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Test Site Lelystad: New combination of remote and mast wind measurement

July 2014 - As of this week, a total of seven wind measurement devices will be active at Test Site Lelystad. Unique for a wind measurement testing facility, six out of those are remote sensing devices of different types and brands, meaning that they measure the wind speed and direction without the need for a traditional tall steel mast. The test site now hosts these Laser based (LiDAR) and Sound based (SoDAR) instruments in addition to the 120 m tall meteorological mast which was installed last year. The devices are present at the Test Site as part of individual validation and verification campaigns. However, the testing of many different types of devices in parallel allows Ecofys to gain unique knowledge of which type of measurement equipment best suits a client's project needs.

The diversity of devices is also reflected in their origins which cover three continents: at the test pad there currently are a SoDAR from Australia, two LiDARs from Israel, and two different LiDAR types from French and English origin.