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Test Site Lelystad

Test Site Lelystad – a full service wind turbine testing facility – provides a comprehensive range of facilities for prototype testing, infrastructure, wind measurements and wind turbine testing services. With 12 positions for wind turbine prototyping and certification measurements and a combined installed power of 30 MW, this is the largest Test Site in Europe.

The testing facility, which is located at Wageningen University and Research’s location near Lelystad in The Netherlands and operated by Ecofys WTTS, can serve the latest generation turbines with rotor tip heights up to 200 m.

Test Site Lelystad offers IEC-certified wind measurements, secure data management, access and coordination of all construction activities, testing and measurement campaigns. Because of the high average wind speeds, Test Site Lelystad is the most suitable location to test Wind Turbines.

Together with our partner, windtest grevenbroich gmbh, we deliver the full range of measurement services required for certification of wind turbine prototypes:

  • Measurement of wind potential and determination of the annual energy production
  • Power curve (Power performance) measurement
  • Measurement of noise emission of wind turbines
  • Load Measurements at wind turbines
  • Determination of shadow cast imission
  • Grid code compliance measurements
  • Measurements for wind turbine type approval

Currently all seven positions on the Ecofys WTTS part of the site are occupied, serving different international wind turbine manufacturers.


  • Eneco Wind BV
  • EWT BV
  • Lagerwey Systems BV
  • Leitwind AG
  • Zeshoek BV

See Test Site Lelystad’s brochure here.