Start construction 120 meter Meteorological Mast at position 01

June 2013 - This week, Ecofys WTTS  started the construction of its biggest mast to date: its 120 meter Meteorological Mast at position 01 (MM01). Once the construction is complete, MM01 will be the biggest purpose-build met mast for wind energy applications in The Netherlands. Its main purpose is to provide meteorological data for testing of the Leitwind LWT101 wind Turbine prototype, which is also being built in parallel. 
In addition, this mast is equipped with extra instrumentation to provide verification test services for remote sensing devices like SoDARs and LiDARs. For this purpose, specific test-pads are being designed and installed in the vicinity of the mast, enabling plug-and-play power and network connection feeds to install up to 10 remote sensing machines in parallel. For more information on the validation and verification services Ecofys WTTS offers, please visit

Ecofys WTTS acquires ISO 9001 certification

December 2012 - As part of its continuous quality improvement strategy, Ecofys WTTS has acquired the ISO 9001 certificate for all of its activities. Certification body DNV BA provided Ecofys WTTS with the certificate on December 13,  2012. Michiel Müller, Managing Director of Ecofys WTTS: ”Earlier on, we had our partner on Test Site Lelystad – windtest grevenbroich GmbH – audit our measurement processes on a yearly basis, to ensure compliance to IEC and MEASNET quality standards. With the ISO 9001 certificate, our internal quality standards have again been confirmed and made readily visible to the market. With this we continue to further professionalise the wind energy business and to improve and market the "product wind".

Eneco turbine inaugurated

Inauguratin Eneco Windspin on Test Site Lelystad

October 2012 - On the fourth of October, Eneco formally inaugurated their new Siemens SWT2.3 turbine on Test Site Lelystad. The turbine was baptized the 'WindSpin', a name given by a local primary school pupil. The Siemens turbine is of a new design, using a bolted steel tower rather than standard tubular masts sections. About 100 people tended the opening and subsequent tours to the turbine by Eneco and Siemens.

Lagerwey Open Day on Test Site Lelystad

June 2012 - On June 30 2012, Lagerwey celebrated the commissioning of their two L93 2.6MW wind turbines on Test Site Lelystad with an Open Day. A unique opportunity for visitors to take a close look at these turbines, and even take a (guided and safeguarded) look inside the tower and nacelle. For real dare devils, there was even the opportunity for 'abseiling' the tower via the nacelle.

Ecofys WTTS is proud that Lagerwey - being the founder of the Dutch wind turbine industry - choose for Test Site Lelystad to test their new turbines.

New met mast up and running!

May 2012 - The next measurement mast is up and running, with a height of 91 meter. This means that we can start with a second full measurement campaign. Furthermore the foundations of two more turbines are completed and the construction of the Siemens turbine is about to commence. On the outlook still for this year, is the construction of 3 further turbines and the expansion of the measurement inventory. All in all, a lot of activities in the first half a year of 2012.

Remote sensing validation service available

May 2012 - Our new Remote sensing validation service is now officially launched. At our two present IEC-compliant measurement masts, we offer the possibility to validate remote sensing equipment like LiDARs and SoDARs. See on our Services page for more information and contact details.

Two more turbines installed on Test Site Lelystad

Lagerwey turbine (Jan12)Construction Lagerwey turbine (Dec11)

January, 2012 - Test Site Lelystad is growing rapidly. Dutch wind turbine manufacturer Lagerwey Systems has installed its two L93-2.6MW turbines.  Despite bad weather conditions in December, Lagerwey managed to finish the construction with 2 new turbines added to the test site.

In the mean time, construction works have begun on the next 2 turbines. Furthermore, road works have now been completed and so has most of the ‘behind the scenes’-work. Coming up soon: continuation of fibre optics on the Western part of the Test Site and start of construction of 2 more meteorological masts.

Construction progress

Roads construction (Aug/Sep2011)Roads construction (Aug/Sep2011)

October, 2011 - At the present stage, the  roads works have been completed for which roughly 2 km of roads were upgraded or build anew. Also around 7 kilometers of fiber optic cables have been dug into the ground for usage in the data-transfer network. And construction works to the first wind measurement mast are also done.

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First Testing Campaign started

June, 2011 - The first turbine is installed, accompanied by an 81 meter high meteorological mast with measurement equipment for measuring wind speeds and directions and other meteorological information. Two new turbines are under construction, with two more turbines expected to be erected in the coming months. Roads are constructed and glass fiber is laid at around 1.20 meter depth.

Largest wind turbine test facility in Europe officially launched

07 February, 2011 - Today the largest site for turbine prototyping and certification in Europe is opened. At the start, Test Site Lelystad meets a large demand with wind turbine manufactures for testing their latest designs. The coming seven years the test site if fully booked.

Mrs. M. Horselenberg, Mayor of Municipality of Lelystad, gave the official signal to start construction during a festive event at the test site location. During the launch event, Manon Janssen (CEO Ecofys), Tijs Breukink (Member of Executive Board Wageningen UR) and Anne Bliek-de Jong (Deputy Queen Commissioner Province of Flevoland) presented their views on the positive effects of Test Site Lelystad on innovation, economic development and the future position of wind energy in the Flevopolder and The Netherlands.

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