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Construction progress

Roads construction (Aug/Sep2011)Roads construction (Aug/Sep2011)

October, 2011 - At the present stage, the  roads works have been completed for which roughly 2 km of roads were upgraded or build anew. Also around 7 kilometers of fiber optic cables have been dug into the ground for usage in the data-transfer network. And construction works to the first wind measurement mast are also done.

By order of Liander, a first local 20 kV grid cable has been laid up to the first turbine and the substation which will collect all electricity from the individual turbines, is approaching its highest point. Most visible of all, the first turbine of the Lelystad-based company STX, is  also completed. In the mean time a lot of behind-the-scenes work is being done to prepare the actual tests to be performed. Ecofys WTTS Managing Director Mr. Michiel Muller is quoted as saying that 'the project is making good progress and all signs are on green for a successful start of the 14 years of testing planned here at Test Site Lelystad'.

Offloading parts STX turbine (May2011)Transformer station under construction (May2011)