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Start construction 120 meter Meteorological Mast at position 01

June 2013 - This week, Ecofys WTTS  started the construction of its biggest mast to date: its 120 meter Meteorological Mast at position 01 (MM01). Once the construction is complete, MM01 will be the biggest purpose-build met mast for wind energy applications in The Netherlands. Its main purpose is to provide meteorological data for testing of the Leitwind LWT101 wind Turbine prototype, which is also being built in parallel. 
In addition, this mast is equipped with extra instrumentation to provide verification test services for remote sensing devices like SoDARs and LiDARs. For this purpose, specific test-pads are being designed and installed in the vicinity of the mast, enabling plug-and-play power and network connection feeds to install up to 10 remote sensing machines in parallel. For more information on the validation and verification services Ecofys WTTS offers, please visit http://ecofyswtts.com/services.html.