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Meteorological Masts

Ecofys WTTS, building on a 15-year track record of measurements performed in Europe, Central and northern America and Middle-East Asia, provides high quality worldwide wind measurement services.

Met mast Measurement Campaigns

Ecofys WTTS has managed wind measurement campaigns carried out with tall meteorological masts in many countries. Based on our long experience and extensive track-record we serve our clients by offering, together with local subcontractors:

  • Full project management of a measurement campaign
  • Selection of suitable met mast position, including permitting
  • Design of the met mast
  • Installation and maintenance
  • Measurement campaign management
  • Wind Data Analysis
  • Wind resource assessment based on the measurements

Ecofys WTTS has experience in managing wind measurement campaigns in various terrain types, such as mountains and desert or considerably rough terrain.

 tallest met mast 120m test site lelystad

A selection of met mast measurement campaigns is shown below:

Country Amount Measurement Year
Netherlands 1 70 m met tower 2004
Costa Rica 4 50 m Lattice mast 2006-2010
France 6 60 m Tubular mast 2008-2010
UK 1 60 m Tubular mast 2008-2009
United Arab Emirates 1 80 m Lattice mast 2009-2011
Italy 3 60 m Tubular mast 2009-2010
Poland 1 70 m Tubular mast 2009-2011
Chile 2 50 m Tubular mast 2004-2007
Netherlands 3 70-80 m Tubular mast 2010-2013
Netherlands 1 81 m Lattice mast 2011-2013
Netherlands 1 91 m Lattice mast 2011-2013
Netherlands 1 70 m Tubular mast 2013-2014
Netherlands 1 120 m Lattice mast 2013-ongoing
Netherlands 1 80 m Tubular mast 2014-2015
Netherlands 1 80 m Tubular mast 2015-2016
Netherlands 1 69 m Tubular mast 2015-ongoing
Netherlands 1 120 m Lattice mast 2016-ongoing