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Specialized wind characteristics analysis

Ecofys WTTS’ engineers can carry out additional detailed analysis of local wind characteristics, such as:

  • Local features (e.g. strong wind shear, reverse flows),
  • Extreme events (e.g. gustiness),
  • Stability effects (e.g. low-level-jets)

The further analysis of these wind characteristics, provide valuable information that helps to perform with significant accuracy the wind resource assessment and site classification of your project.

For complex terrain, LiDAR can be used in combination with CFD software (e.g. WindSim).

Specific LiDAR tests

At Test Site Lelystad, due to the specific local circumstances, we can perform additional specific purpose tests, such as:

  • Testing before/after wind turbine’s rotor (Pv-curve validation)  
  • Testing accuracy in high turbulence environments (near forest)