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LiDAR & SoDAR Validation/Verification

At Test Site Lelystad, The Netherlands, Ecofys WTTS offers state of the art validation and verification tests for LiDAR and SoDAR remote sensing systems. For this purpose a fully IEC-compliant 120 m tall mast is available with four measurement heights between 40 and 120 m (40, 80, 95 and 120 m).


Ecofys WTTS standard services

Present remote sensing standards such as the (draft) IEC61400-12-1 ed. 2 prescribe regular equipment verification. Ecofys WTTS provides both this verification and the simpler validation tests using its 'plug-and-play' test pad, with over 45 validations & verifications performed since 2011. Ecofys WTTS does so, building on its own 14 years of experience in wind measurements using tall masts, SoDARs & LiDARs. Ecofys WTTS is ISO 9001 certified for its measurements and test site operation. Data quality is guaranteed through cooperation with our test site operating partner windtest grevenbroich. Ecofys WTTS can take care of everything from installation, testing, analysis and reporting. Daily quality checks are fully automated and provide the highest possible uptime & quality.

lidar-sodar-validation-verification-2Our 120 m mast, the tallest purpose build met mast in NW Europe, has an attractive open measurement sector to the West, with representative shear. Your machine will be tested against at least four measurement heights (wind speed). This enables smooth and realistic testing for your equipment. Upon request: due to the specific local circumstances at our Test Site Lelystad, we can also perform additional specific purpose tests, such as: testing before/after rotors (of interest for simple PV-curve validation) and testing near forest (of interest to determine accuracy of your machine in forested/high turbulence environments).


The present standard services entail:

  1. Validation

  2. Verification

  3. Classification